Whether you need diagnostics, preventative care or repairs, our experienced team of mechanics can do it all! 

Looking for service on a personal vehicle? We can do that too! 


Take the guesswork out of repairs and get straight to the root of the problem with our diagnostics tools.

Preventative Maintenance

Save yourself money and headaches on future repairs by getting periodic vehicle check-ups.

Inspections & Tune Ups

We provide testing for your vehicle’s many components to ensure everything is at peak performance.


When driving on the job, you want full control of your vehicle. Ensure a smooth ride with an updated suspension system.


From smooth steering to even wear on your tires, the bearing affects the proper function of your vehicle!


We’ve all hit a pot hole or two, or even bumped a curb. Get your hubs updated to keep your tires fully functional.

Front End Services

Get all your front end components maintenanced and aligned to experience full driveability.


Without a healthy drivetrain, you won’t be going far. Get power to your wheels and be safely on your way.


Don’t end up with a dead battery on the side of the road – get your electrical system in top shape with us!


If your vehicle doesn’t stop like it used to, you’re likely in need of new brakes. Stop in confidence with our brake work.


A leaking exhaust isn’t just unpleasant to drive with, it can also have you failing an emmissions test.

DOT Expectations

We are DOT certified and will make sure your vehicle is up to DOT code, too. Know the rules and get documented.

Maintenance packages keep your fleet running smoothly!

Comprehensive packages starting at $67/week per truck.


Packages include:

  • Regular oil changes
  • Annual transmission service
  • Annual coolant service
  • Bi-annual brake service 
  • Air filter replacements 
  • 2 sets of tires
  • DOT inspection

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